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Boat camping
at Lake Powell.
Rugged, weatherproof, easy to setup, easy to move Grub Hub® camp kitchens have plenty of storage capacity for pots, pans, spatulas, stove, extra fuel, matches, paper towels, condiments, can opener, and everything else to make outdoor living easy.
...then set up in seconds...

Grub Hub® camp kitchens are the right gear for organizing the family to make camping easy and fun. Rolls from garage to campsite over any terrain on wheels, then sets up in seconds. Camping tables and storage all in one.

Take it with you.

Grub Hub® The patented and original all terrain camp kitchens and field stations.

Take it with you

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to provide organized outdoor cooking, storage, and dining space.
Grub Hub® portable kitchens are easy to transport...


Setting up the Grub Hub®